February 4, 2012

Cheat Sheet for 2nd Grade Writing CCSS

W.2.1 Opinion Pieces
  • Introduce topic/book 
  • Opinion
  • Reasons (Linking verbs because, also, ect)
  • Conclusion

W.2.2 Informative/Explanatory

  • Introduce topic
  • Facts and definitions to develop points
  • Conclusion

W.2.3 Narratives (recount elaborated event or short sequence of events)

  • Details to describe actions, thoughts, feelings
  • Temporal words to signal event order
  • Closure 

W.2.5 Topic, Revise and Edit
W.2.6 Digital Tools
W.2.7 Shared research and projects
W.2.8 Recall info from experiences or gather info

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