September 10, 2011

Teaching the Scientific Method with Popcorn

Does popcorn float or sink in water?

1. Question: (Start off with a question): Does popcorn sink or float in water?

2. Hypothesis: (Make a guess and tell why you made that guess):
    Examples- I think it will float because it is popped in air. I think it will sink because it has
    holes in it.
3. Procedure (What are the steps for your experiment?):
      1. Research Popcorn (internet, read “The Popcorn Book” by Tomie dePaola)
      2. Pop popcorn (2 bags for the class)
      3. I cup of water for two students
      4. Each student drops 2 pieces of popcorn in the cup of water.
4. Data. (graph, t-chart, picture, drawing, venn diagrams, ):Draw your results in your Science journal.
5. Results/Conclusion (Record you final results and thoughts): Popcorn floats in water. After I put the popcorn in water, it stayed on top and didn't sink. Explain to the students that the flakes float because they are lighter or less dense than the water, and the kernels sink because they are denser or heavier than the water.

Extra: Do the kernels sink or float?

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